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Silicon Nitride balls, the wave of the future

Ceramic, not just for mugs anymore! Even though Silicon Nitride Ceramic balls have been on the market for years, there are more and more discoveries made each day to facilitate a multitude of bearing applications.

The only material stronger than silicon nitride is diamond! With a density of 40% lower in weight than steel, up to twice the material hardness for tight tolerances than steel, a coefficient of thermal expansion that is 70% less than steel, and a temperature operating range up to 90 degrees C, you can see why Silicon Nitride is the wave of the future for bearing applications. Balls made from Silicon Nitride are non-corrosive, anti-magnetic and excel in low noise, high rigidity and high load carrying applications. Long life and the need for no lubrication make this material very suitable for numerous applications

Just think of the possibilities of what Silicon Nitride balls can be used for: high precision Medical and Test Applications, Dental Drills and Gauges, Automotive Fuel Injection and Anti-lock Braking Systems, Specialty Bearings, Aerospace Actuators, Chemical Processing Equipment, Valve Stops, Semiconductor Processing Equipment, Machine Tool Ballscrews, Food Processing Equipment and even Wheel Bearings for High Performance Race Cars, just to name a few

Salem Specialty Ball Company offers the opportunity to purchase from sizes of 1/32" through 2-1/2" in Silicon Nitride balls with precise basic diameter tolerance of grade 5. This size range also includes millimeter sizes. Just contact us at 1-877-844-4885 to discuss specific size and quantity needed for your application.

Silicon Nitride Material Chart
Compressive Strength 341,300 psi
Maximum Useful Temperature 2552 F
Thermal Conductivity .07 Cal/sec cm C
Thermal Expansion 1.78 X 10 to the -6th power / F
Electrical Resistivity >10 to the 6th power Ohm/cm (@500 C),
10 to the 5th power Ohm/cm @2000 C)
Young's Modulus of Elasticity 47 X 10 to the 6th power psi
Hardness 1500 - 2000 Vickers
Density .116 lbs/inch to the 3rd power

If Silicon Nitride is not for you then we also offer other ceramic balls Alumina Oxide Balls, Ruby Sapphire Balls and Zirconia Balls. Just visit for further explanations and descriptions of these materials and their uses.

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