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Worldwide and Domestic Shipping…
                                              Access.., Knowledge.., Choices.., Reliability!

Worldwide and domestic expertise shipping - that's what is available at Salem Specialty Ball Company. Access to all major and minor shipping companies, such as UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service and numerous Trucking Companies, you can be assured that your package with arrive on time! Our shipping department is automated to track any package from its manufactured lot number to the tracking code that takes the package to your required destination. Better than the industry standards? We think so. We have an automated, bar-coded, label system that is made for each order from the time a ball enters our facility to the time it arrives in your hands.

What forms go to what countries? How many copies of each? Knowledge; we have the successful shipments around the world to prove that our knowledge is foremost in our arranging of international shipments. Proforma Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Shipping Export Declarations, if there is a form you need, then it is a form that you will get when shipping your packages around the world.

How fast, how long, depends on you. Choices; orange, red, blue, ground, priority 1, expedited collect, expedited express, ocean freight, truck prepaid, and truck collect are just a few or our options for your package. Obviously, you would not choose a trucking company to ship overseas, but you get the picture. Make your choice and we will make the arrangements. Here is just a few of the cities and countries that we have successfully shipped to: England, Japan, India, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Columbia, Hong Kong, Zhejiang, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Puerto Rico and, of course, all 50 states in the USA!

If we look good, you look good! Reliability; we are proud of our shipping record, and you should be too! With customer satisfaction being our number 1 priority, we do all that it takes to get your package to you on time. We have the records to prove it. Our orders are checked, double checked and triple checked prior to even going out the door, to ensure where, when and how they are being shipped. We have automatic scheduled pickup times and speed dials linked to every shipping company that we have ever used.

Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. If the item is in stock, we can ship same day if the order is received by 2:30 p.m.

Order now and ship today!

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