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Clicking on an image below will provide you with a brief description of some of the ball materials available. Since we gathered technical data from various technical sources, the actual mechanical and physical properties will vary from one lot of material to the next. Therefore, we accept no liability for deficiencies or damages arising from the use of this data, and customers should determine the suitability of a material or product by conducting practical tests under realistic conditions. If you have any questions regarding a material, please contact our technical support staff for more detailed information

Aluminum Balls
Brass Balls
Bronze Balls
Carbon Balls
Ceramic Balls
Chrome Balls
Cobalt Balls
Copper Balls
Glass Balls
Hastelloy Balls
K-Monel Balls
M-50 Balls
Monel Balls
Plastic Balls
302 Stainless Balls
304 Stainless Balls
316 & 316L Stainless Balls
420 Stainless Balls
440 Stainless Balls
Tungsten Carbide Balls
Miscellaneous Balls
Micro Balls